Who is Winterheart Design and what do we do?

Winterheart Design is mostly author Lex Valentine turning her love of playing around in Photoshop into a business where she makes covers for herself and other authors. Lex has been in the publishing industry since 2007 and has worked as a cover artist for independent authors as well as publishers. Her daughter Nicki is an artist as well and creates hand drawn art for various genres.

Most of Winterheart Design’s work is cover art, but they also do graphics including social media graphics, banners and teasers, promo graphics including graphics for printed items, graphics for book interiors, and the occasional self-hosted WordPress website or blog and books trailers. In addition, Nicki is wonderful at creating maps for paranormal and fantasy books.

Lex will, on occasion, do content editing, proofing and blurb writing. Like most A-type personalities she has a rigid attention to detail. As an author herself, she hates seeing other authors taken advantage of by unprofessional individuals calling themselves editors. Therefore her pricing for editing and proofing tends to be very author-centric.

Winterheart Design has been nominated for various awards and has won an EPIC award for cover art. Mostly, she doesn’t enter contests though, preferring that her work shine by helping authors sell their books.